Is the Steeler Season Over?

steelers browns

The question comes not just from the fact that the Steelers lost to Cleveland Browns with it’s ugly violence filled finish.  The question comes from the fact, more than anything else to the fact that what should be the strength of the Steelers is falling down on the job.  The offense line has not been playing well.  When you add to that the three game suspension loss of Mike Pouncey, the future doesn’t look bright.

When dealing with a young quarterback there are two things that really help him be successful.  The first is a good running attack, the second is keeping the quarterback from getting sacked.  Both of those things very much are dependent upon the offensive line playing as a cohesive group, and playing well.  Take your best running back out of the picture with Conner’s injury, add to that a line not playing well and then remove a highly mobile pro-bowl center and that young quarterback is going to suffer.  There’s a small hope Benny Snell can return and infuse some energy into a lackluster running attack.

The Steelers upcoming schedule puts them in a favorable position to go 4-1, and come to the last week of the season at 9-6 and playing the Ravens.  A win in that game would then likely determine a playoff spot for the Steelers.  But given the current status of the line and running attack, it doesn’t look good for the Steelers going forward.  It’s a shame in a year when the defense is playing so incredibly well.  Here we go.

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