Steelers Win! – Indianapolis Colts

minkah fitzpatrick steelers


Well it wasn’t pretty and of all things for Adam Vinateri to miss a game winning field goal is pretty amazing and pretty lucky.  The Steelers played a decent game, the defense continues to grow and improve.  Minkah Fitzpatrick continued to pay dividends with a 96 yard touchdown return.  It’s completely awesome to have a front seven getting to the quarterback, AND have people in the secondary who are actually ball hawking and getting turnovers.

The injuries continue, Roosevelt Nix is a huge injury that hurts the running offense and not having Conner or Snell doesn’t help at all.  Without Conner, Snell and Nix the Steelers are far more dependent on their passing attack.  I love Mason Rudolph, he’s growing but not quickly, and Randy Fichtner doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in him.  The receiving core is solid but not spectacular.    Juju, Johnson and Washington are all having their moments, but don’t seem to be able to consistently beat man to man coverage in a way that allows Rudolph to hit them for anything other than short passes.  We are back to the thing, that can work with a running attack, and that most Steeler fans hate, the dink and dunk offense.

But a win is a win and the Steelers are at .500, I still predict them being 8-6 going into Baltimore on the last weekend.  The question is, will beating the Ravens that weekend actually gain us a playoff spot?   The Ravens beating the Patriots makes that much less likely.  Here we go!

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