The Dangerous Dolphins

minkah fitzpatrick steelers

Yes, you read that correctly, the dangerous Dolphins.  There may be nothing more dangerous in the NFL than a winless team.  You see they go through the stages of death.  First, they are in denial about how bad they are.  Then, they get angry about the way things are going.  Then they get depressed about the state of affairs.  Finally they come to acceptance and hope.  That hope is the dangerous bit.  You see if they find themselves hanging around in the late third, or early fourth quarter of the game they start to believe, this could be the one.

The reason this makes me nervous is that our Steelers have had a tendency over the last few years to not dominate the teams they should.  And Miami is a team they definitely should dominate.  But if the Steeler offense doesn’t produce touchdowns instead of field goals and we let Miami hang around, this could get ugly.  And if it does, given the Ravens beat the Seahawks last week, well, this season is likely over for the Steelers.

Let’s hope they come out and Conner and company run all over the Dolphins, Mason starts to let loose a bit and the defense considers it’s improvement.  Here we go!

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