Welcome to Jack Lambert’s Toe

Welcome to Jack Lambert’s Toe


I am very aggressive and very physical. On the field, I guess I am just plain mean.     ~ Jack Lambert

This is quite simply a fan’s blog about the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Jack Lambert’s Toe bit comes from the fact that maybe the toughest, meanest player in NFL history, had to end his career because of turf toe.  Turf toe, I always found the idea laughable until it took down Jack Lambert.  So I thought it was a unique way to pay a homage to one of my favorite Steelers and be a blog name that no  one else was using.

I’ve been a Steeler fan since 1973, not great days for the Steelers back then.  The way a kid from New York became a Steeler fan is a little bit silly.  I was 9, I had a friend who was a bit older and he asked me who my teams were, I told him I was a Pirate fan.  I’d had the privilege of seeing the Pirates beat the Mets live, including the great Roberto Clemente robbing a homerun during the game.  It was his last season and would tragically die at the end of the season.  I also told my friend I liked the Celtics, I’d seen them play a couple of times live.  But I had no hockey or football team so I quickly picked the Islanders because I watched them on cable.  Finally, for football, I didn’t want a NY team, I was, and still am a bit of a contrary bastard, and so I went with Pittsburgh because of the Pirates.


It was a decision that would lead me to suffer through five seasons of not very good teams, but I stuck with them.  Then in the late 70’s, it became a very good time to be both in junior high and a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It has led to a lifetime fandom, even though I’ve lived in NY, KY, TN and in CA for the last twenty years.  I’ve made my pilgrimages to Three Rivers, Latrobe and Heinz Field over the years.  Even was in San Francisco during the famous Monday Night Football blackout game.

I’ve been a blogger for the last ten years, I write a somewhat popular blog about living a happier life called The Ministry of Happiness.  I write about being happier, about my travels and some hiking trips including hikes to Mt. Everest, across Scotland and a thousand miles on the Appalachian Trail including my book, Appalachian Trail Happiness.  But this blog will focus on one thing, my love of the Pittsburgh Steelers and an opportunity to lay out my thoughts and opinions and to hopefully get yours.

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